Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Dear Lukasz,

You are just over 6 weeks old, which means you've now spent more time at home than in the hospital. Yay!

I took you to the doctor for a check-up this past week and he said you are a lovely baby. You look very happy and healthy and if I hadn't told him, he wouldn't have known you were born 5 weeks premature!

You've been very busy growing (sleeping) these past few weeks. You are now just over 8 lbs, and 51 cm long. When you were born you were only 5 lbs. That's a lot of growing! I know your sister can't wait until you are a little bigger and can play with her. She sure loves you--she's always wanting to hug and kiss you, and there are times when she hears you stirring in your crib before I do! She always runs to your bed to see what you are doing.

Your tatus (daddy) and I are so impressed with how well you are doing. It was hard to see you those first few days after you were born, because you were hooked up to a lot of stuff in the hospital. It was all to help you be strong, and the nurses took wonderful care of you. And now here you are, already moved into a big crib, and already outgrowing some of your clothes!

I love you!

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