Thursday, March 27, 2008

Letter: month 2

Dear Lukasz,

WOW you are already 2 months old. You’d only been home for a week when your one month birthday rolled around, things were still pretty crazy around here and we were still getting to know each other. But THIS month we really got to know each other, and you’ve interacted with your sister a bit as well.

I have to say, you are the loudest grunter I have ever met! You don’t cry much unless you are hungry or have gas. And even when you are hungry, you are really patient. You’ve started making these clicking sucking sounds with your tongue and then we know that you want the bottle in your mouth and you want it YESTERDAY. But the grunts, my gosh. They seem to be loudest when you are having a really good stretch. You stretch a lot in your sleep, which leads to lots of grunting, which your Tatus and I sometimes mistake for a really mad yell.

Our little superman:

You’ve filled out a LOT this month, even your Grampa noticed. I sent some pictures a week ago, and he exclaimed that your cheeks are HUGE now. It’s a relief to us to see you getting chubby because you were so skinny when you were born. You are also getting really strong, and like to hold your head up a lot when we are holding you. We give you tummy time often, but you don’t like that unless you are on my or Tatus’ chest. That’s often where you fall asleep these days. I imagine feeling our breathing and heartbeats is very soothing. I wonder if my heartbeats echoed in my womb when you were there.

When we brought you home you were only drinking 50 mL per feed. Now you are up to 125 ml per feed!! You are doing such a good job of growing big and strong. All that stretching probably helps, too. :)

And you’ve been very kind to your Tatus and I at night. Last night you slept from 9p.m. till 2 a.m. and then from 3 a.m. till 7:30 a.m. And the night before that you slept from 12 a.m. till 6:30 a.m.! You cluster feed at night, and since we are feeding you yummy barley formula which takes longer to digest than milk, you have lots in your tummy and that leads to longer periods of sleep.

We’ve been on quite a few walks this past month, since it hasn’t been raining much. I put you in the Snugli, which you promptly pass out in, and then I push your sister in her stroller. It’s quite a work out for me, but I know the fresh air does all of us a lot of good.

In this past month you’ve met a lot of family members—your Uncles Derek, Shane and Daniel, and your Aunt Natalya. You also got to spend quite a bit of time with your Babcia and Dziadek over Easter, and this coming weekend we’ll be spending 5 days with Gran and Grampa and Uncle Shane.
You and your sister have been getting along really well so far. I’m very impressed with both of you. She’s really affectionate, giving you kisses and little hugs, running to you when she hears you cry, and she’s patient when your arm swings around and pops her in the nose.

And you are patient with her as well. Sometimes she squeezes a little to hard, or leans on your foot accidentally… actually earlier this month she lost her balance and sat on you while you were in your car seat. But I got her off of you quickly and you didn’t make a peep.

One thing you are having a bit of trouble with is burping. You like to fall asleep after feeds rather than burping. If I was in your place, that’s probably what I’d prefer, too. Sometimes during the day you’ll spit up 2 hours after you’ve eaten (and fallen asleep). I have to keep a pretty close eye on you.

And, as I wrote earlier, you are getting SO STRONG. As I type this Tatus is holding you and you have been holding your head up for a while now.

You have the loveliest little smile, complete with a dimple in your left cheek. :) You are really just such an easy-going little baby. We are still all getting into a routine, and you have been really patient with all of us… although sometimes I see the looks you get on your face when we do something you don’t like, like wiping your bum with a cold diaper wipe or being accidentally clumsy with you in the bath, and I can just imagine you thinking, “I made sure I was NOT a first-born to avoid all this kind of stuff. What the heck are you doing?!”

You are a baby of a thousand faces. And most of them are happy, peaceful and inquisitive. You happily look around, watching the light come through the blinds, watching your sister and me play, or here, looking at the contrast of the light walls and dark shelves above the change table. :)

I love you, and your chubby little cheeks.


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Hope you guys realize how blessed you'll are.