Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

baby boy!

hey guys - tom here - letting all y'all know to send congrats to Krista on the early arrival of our baby boy!

thx ;)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

And the doctor said...

Everything looks good. She saw a foot poke out while measuring the heartbeat, but I was too slow to see it. I'm glad baby is kicking so much these days, it's reassuring after that little hospital trip. Dr. also said that my being slender will help them during the c-section because they can see what they are doing and where they are going more easily than if I were more "fleshy".

I have an ultrasound in a week and a half, and in addition to checking where my placenta is, they are also going to be able to check the length of my cervix and if it looks short at all then we'll have that heads up that maybe the c-section should be earlier.

I'm weighing in at 147 lbs now... so I've gained 32 so far. Not too bad.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

33 weeks, 4 days

This is only the second time I've taken belly pics during this pregnancy. So, here I am. 33 1/2 weeks along... with exactly 5 weeks to go till the scheduled c-section. Originally I was going to be over 39 weeks along at delivery, which worried me because don't 2nd and 3rd babies tend to come earlier and easier? I'll be 38 1/2 weeks with this current date, and even that makes me a bit nervous. What if the baby decides to come 2 weeks early? I'm glad they are giving him as much time to grow inside me as possible before coming out, but I still feel a bit nervous.

Anyway, here I am in all my covered belly glory. I don't look nearly as bloated as I did with LB. I still have chicken feet, not elephant feet. Hooray!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Waiting, wondering

Last week during my non-stress test, the nurse commented when I had a Braxton Hick contraction, so now I finally understand what they are. I'd noticed that my tummy would go as hard as a melon before the NST, but I didn't realize they were BH contractions. Now I notice them everytime they happen, and today they are getting quite uncomfortable. But I did just come back from a walk with Lily, and I may have walked too fast since it was freezing out and really windy and I wanted to get back home as fast as possible.

I had low back pain last night but it seems fine today and it definitely feels like the baby is pushing down. I remember the first time I felt this, I think it was on New Year's day or eve and I was out for a walk with Lily and Tom. I had to go on home ahead of them because I absolutely needed to sit down even though we'd only walked around one block. Then I laid down for a couple of hours because I was totally drained and feeling weirdly weighed down.

This evening I'm feeling similarly. Judging from the non-stress test, the baby hadn't dropped down yet, but maybe he's getting ready to now. That makes me kind of nervous. I'm not 37 weeks yet.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Name search

Here are some names we are considering along with the cons connected to them.

Isaac: too Jewish? (not that sounding Jewish is a bad thing, just neither of us are Jewish)

Ethan: Tomek doesn't like it

Elijah: Tomek used to work with a guy named Eli. I have a thing on naming my kids the same as someone I know.

James: No Polish equivalent.

Jacob/Jakob: I don't like the Polish short form of it: Kuba. Sounds like a big, drooly dog to me.

Lukas/Lukasz: I'm not big on Polish pronunciation of it: Woo-cash.

Rylan: Sounds like a girl name now that I think about it. Tomek probably wouldn't like it.

Rowan: Tomek doesn't like it.

I think we'll just go with this.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Seeing the obgyn

Yesterday I had my obgyn appointment. We all went because it was the initial appointment and I knew she'd be explaining to me what was going to happen with the c-section, as well as what could happen.

She checked on the baby's heartbeat and it took her a little bit to find it. Then she listened for over a minute with a frown on her face. It was 120 bpm but she decided to send me to the hospital for a non-stress test anyway, to get a 20 minute reading of the heartbeat to make sure it was going up and down.

The obgyn scheduled me for another ultrasound at 35 weeks to confirm the placenta is still low, I see her again at 37 weeks on top of seeing my regular doctor and scheduling a trip to the hospital for my c-section orientation.

She scheduled my c-section for the 25th of February, then changed it this morning to the 20th of February.

So back to the hospital and the non-stress test... the first nurse couldn't find the heartbeat at all. Just when I was getting really worried, the little guy started punching and kicking up a storm. Whew. But she still couldn't find his heartbeat. So she asked another nurse to find it. She had trouble, too, she could pick it up for a bit then would lose it again. She said it was the hardest heartbeat she'd ever had to find. And she graduated from nursing school the year I was born. 27 years. So I didn't get to lie there in peace and let my baby's heartbeats wash over me and soothe me. I sat/lay in a twisted half-on-back-half-on-side-half-sitting position with the nurse holding the sensor on my gooped-up belly and occasionally pressing it into my belly.

But the heartbeat was normal, so that's good.