Friday, December 21, 2007

Our son could be here in 7 weeks




I can't even think with that right now. Tomorrow I'm 30 weeks along, and if the c-section continues to be imminent, then it could be only another 7 weeks.


7 weeks...

Our little guy kicks up a storm what feels like all the time. Right now he's quiet, but often he's rolling and kicking and punching until 1:30 a.m... I think we can feel much more than we did with Lily because my muscles and everything aren't strong and toned like they were before I had her. Everything's kinda loose. Stretched.

I'm happy to say that I have no water retention yet and I don't think I've ballooned out the way I did with Lily, when I gained 40 lbs. I think I've only gained 20 so far. I know I'll lose it so I'm not agonizing over it or hopping on the scale every day.

So all in all, things are well. Can't believe the little guy could be here so soon...